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An Aliseo Company

VRF Systems

VRF Outdoor Units

For superior efficiency and manageability

VRF Indoor Units

Achieve your project timeline goals.

Air Handling Units

Big capacity. Big choice.


Elegant and comfortable.

VRF Outdoor Units

DVMS Desert

The world's largest capacity

High energy efficiency

Improved heating performance

Flexible installation
Year-round climate control

Less foot print


Best in class capacity
Compact design for extra flexibility
Advanced performance & energy efficiency
Improved reliability in cold conditions
Control your cooling anywhere

DVMS Water

Energy-efficient rapid heating and cooling

Independent cooling and heating

Decreased maintenance and energy costs

Renewable energy source

24-hour performance monitoring

VRF Indoor Units

360 Cassette 

Evenly circulates & cools every corner

Circular to perfectly fit in everywhere

Spreads more air in more ways 

All round simpler & intuitive control

1 Way Cassette

Enhance any decor 

Ease of installation and maintenance 

Slim and compact design

Refined elegance

2 Way Cassette

Equip even the narrowest spaces 

Exceptional operation an control 

Easy and flexible installation

High performance cooling 

4 Way Cassette

Sleek and lightweight design ​

Aesthetic panel and display 

Individual blade control 

Complement any interior

4 Way WindFree

WindFree™ cooling (Energy saving)

Motion detect sensor 

SmartThings integrated control 

Stay cool without feeling cold 

Low Static Ducted

Temper any environment

Industry best lightweight design 

Flexible setup 

Various installation options 

Medium Static Ducted

Deliver increased airflow

Quiet, powerful cooling 

Extensive coverage 

Easy upkeep and installation 

High Static Ducted

Adaptable performance 

Silent operation 

Split fan and coil 

High pressure control

Outdoor Air Processing

100% treated fresh air supply 

High efficiency motor 

Full range temperature processing

Flexible static pressure control

Wall Mounted

Triangular design, powerful cooling

Cool every corner of the room 

Efficiency boosting design 

Easy access maintenance

Console Unit

Two way airflow, slim and low profile

Create an exquisite interior 

Elegant design and quiet operation

Sophisticated control 

Ceiling Unit

Distribute refreshing airflow 

Compact and flexible design 

Fast cooling, 15m airflow 

Simple display 

Concealed Floor Unit

Accommodate space requirements

Silent performance 

Versatile installation 

Flexibility for unique spaces

Decorative Floor Unit

Strong, long range cooling

4 way auto swing 

Full touch panel control 

Auto shutter 

Energy Recovery

Fresh and healthy air from outside 

Drive energy savings 

Unparalleled heat exchange 

Smart CO2 detection

VRF Controllers

Wired Controller

MWR-SH00N (Simplified wired controller)

Touch Wired Controller 

MWR-SH11UN (Touch screen wired remote controller)

Pro Wired Controller

MWR-WE13N (Premium wired controller) 

WindFree™ Remote

AR-EH03E/T* (Wireless Remote Controller for WindFree™)

360 Cassette Remote

AR-KH03E/T* (Wireless Remote Controller for 360 Cassette)

Group Controller

MCM-A300N (Touch controller)

Controls max. 128 indoor units

VRF Air Handling Units

VRF kit for AHU

Fully integrated control system

Outdoor and indoor controller 

Supply air sensors / Gas line sensor

IP54 Waterproof certification

VRF Integrated FAHU

Single point ownership

Mekar FAHU with Samsung VRF

EEV Kit factory installed + enclosure

Seamless plug and play operation

Multiply Capacity

Connect multiple outdoor units 

2.0 - 40 HP variable capacity each

Easy and flexible installation at site

Simple BMS application

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