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An Aliseo Company

Electrostatic Filters - Made In Italy

A new range of active electrostatic filters with built-in electronics for air quality improvement or for oily vapour applications such as kitchen exhaust ecology units. 

FEL SYSTEM represents a revolutionary development and a valid alternative to traditional filters. 

The built-in electronic power input circuit is equipped with LEDs to notify the user if the filter is working correctly or requires cleaning. 


Performance & specifications

FEL filters are particularly suited for the abatement of polluting substances such as oily vapours and mists, with and without particulate.


The bottom section of the filter has been purposely conceived to enable the dripping of oily pollutants, with reduced formation of electric discharges between the plates. In addition, the special mechanical construction ensures, also in the presence of emulsifying oils, that no electric discharges occur on the insulator, therefor providing high reliability in the long term.

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