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Cassette Units

Looking for VRF Cassette  Units? 

Circular Design

Its innovative circular design not only means it perfectly fits in everywhere, adding a sophisticated look to many different sites, but it also blows cool air in all directions, so that the whole room is the same temperature.

Bladeless Outlet

Its bladeless outlet ensures that cool air is spread gently, without creating a cold draft, and doesn’t block the air flow, even at low angles. Expels 25% more air and spreads farther.


Keeps you comfortably cool wherever you are. Add a touch more style to any room and enjoy comfortable and draft free cooling across a wide area.

Easy to Use

You can intuitively control its performance and see where the air is going. The Circular LED Display on the air conditioner also shows the actual direction that the air is flowing – vertically and horizontally. So with just one glance you can quickly tell where the air is going.

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