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Acoustic Insulation for Pipes and Ducts

For indoor or outdoor applications where a "one shot" integral acoustic lagging material is required. Silent Lag SL-B/BM5N/SF and Lagging SL-B/BM7.5N/SF incorporate a 25mm thick glass fibre quilt stitched in a 100mm box design to scrim backing to encapsulate the fibre which isolates the outer barrier from the wall of the duct or pipe, thus maximizing performance.


Performance & specifications

Glass fibre: Noncombustible when tested in accordance with BS476: Part 4: 1970 (1984)

Barrier Material: Tested in accordance with ASTM E-84-08 standard and the requirements of FMVSS 302/ISO 3795 standard for surface burning characteristics.

Acoustic Performance: Tested as a free hanging barrier in accordance with ASTM E 90-04/E 413-04 test standards.

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