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VRF Cassette Indoor units
360 Cassette and 1, 2 & 4 Way Cassette

All round cooling and comfort; The Samsung 360 Cassette air conditioner offers a brand new way of staying comfortably cool in every corner of the room. Its innovative circular design not only means it perfectly fits in everywhere, adding a sophisticated look to many different sites, but it also blows cool air in all directions, so that the whole room is the same temperature*. Its bladeless outlet ensures that cool air is gently dispersed, without creating cold drafts**, and that the air flow is not blocked even at low angles. This allows it to expel 25% more air* and spread it farther.



VRF Ducted Indoor units
Low, Medium, High static units & Outdoor air processing unit 

Control the atmosphere effortlessly with robust, adaptable performance; With the capacity to handle high external static pressure up to 28 mmAq, the powerful Samsung HSP Duct provides an expansive coverage area with outstanding cooling and heating performance. HSP Duct is an ideal fit for spaces with high ceilings and can be flexibly installed to suit various environments.                     
Conserve energy and costs with practical, high-powered operation Samsung's new Outdoor Air Processing Duct is an outdoor fresh air treatment unit with integrated ventilation, combining fresh air processing and air conditioning via a single system. Air conditioning indoor units and an Outdoor Air Processing unit can be connected to the same refrigerant line, resulting in enhanced design flexibility and a significant reduction in total system costs. A BLDC motor extends the savings with considerably less energy consumption.



VRF Decorative unit
Wall Mounted, console, ceiling, concealed floor standing, floor standing

An enhanced sleeping environment; One of the priorities of hotel operators and developers is to ensure that their occupants can sleep without interruption. Our Good sleep feature will create the ideal bedroom climate, controlling and adjusting temperature to support the three vital stages of sleep. The unit eases users into the primary "falling asleep" stage by lowering the room temperature. It then raises it for optimum relaxation during the "sound sleep" phase, before shifting to allow a natural, comfortable "wakeup" period with intermittent bursts of air. This feature saves you up to 36% more in energy consumption than standard cooling modes whilst ensuring top quality sleep.



VRF Energy Recovery Ventilator

Enjoy high-efficiency ventilation for a more refreshing atmosphere; Indoor air quality is gaining more and more attention as increasing numbers of people become ill from airborne contaminants. Indoor air contamination is often the cause behind building-related syndromes, such as asthma, headaches and dizziness.
The Samsung ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system air conditioner provides fresh and healthy air from outside while minimising energy loss for maximum efficiency. Its intelligent structure incorporates features specifically designed for flawless ventilation and efficient operation.