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Silent Lag
Acoustic insulation for pipes and ducts


For indoor and outdoor applications where a "one shot" integral acoustic lagging material is required. Silent Lag and Lagging incorporate a 25 mm thick glass fibre quilt stitched in a 100mm box design to a scrim backing to encapsulate the fibre which isolates the outer barrier from the wall of the duct or pipe, thus maximizing performance.

Barrier material shall be a 2.5 mm thick highly flexible polymeric sheet incorporating additional mineral filters to increase the product's mechanical strenght and durability, with a reinforced aluminium foil on one side. Nominal density of 5 kg/m2 and 7.5 kg/m2.
Significant levels of sound reduction can be achieved by employing heavy barrier materials, particularly those with essentially limp characteristics. The introduction of an absorber layer to achieve a "sprung mass" will further improve the product's ability to prevent noise passing through it.
Absorber layer shall comprise of 25 mm thick glass fibre quilt, scrim backing on both sides stitched in a 100 mm box design.
Composite layer shall be Silent Lag Sl-B/BM5N/SF or Lagging SL-B/BM7.5N/SF and have a 100 mm wide barrier overlap extending beyond the quilted glass fibre.