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Ducted Split Units
Streamline management with a flexible design; The Samsung Duct S is designed especially for simple installation, handling and maintenance. Its discreet, accessible design makes for easy upkeep, while the smart plug-and-connect drainage streamlines maintenance for even multiple units.
Slim design and light weight.
A streamlined construction makes the Duct S convenient to install and maintain in any building. Its compact, slender design reduces its volume and weight compared to conventional air conditioners.
Duct S is 30% smaller than its counterparts, so it fits easily into small spaces. But despite its small frame, Duct S offers exceptional efficiency, while its light weight supports convenient handling and setup.
Wide range of ESP
Users can choose from a complete range of Duct S products to deliver the right capacity, right ESP and right sized product.
Three-way access
With its smart, multi-entry design and slide fit, users can access the Duct S from three directions (top, side and bottom) for easy maintenance.
Plug-and-connect drainage
The optional Plug and Connect External Type drain pump takes the hassle out of draining the unit. Simply plug it in and connect it, and with the single drain pump, maintaining all the building’s Duct S units is easier than ever. Plus, the advanced check valve prevents drain water backflow, freeing the unit.